Blood upon a Child’s Face

Summer died; Winter resurrected. I left the road to run through the diaphanous white and kept running till the mountains allowed a night. Running and running I kept I kept, unconventional thoughts about winter not existing which hit me with many benefits of the doubt as I kept running and running. I stopped, looking ahead a empty stygian street; realizing people often say it's not what you know; it's who you know; I knew then somehow anachronously this generation was just the end of empty epoch situations that others see but never listen.  


 Thunder echoed my ears; looked up dark clouds started hugging and expanded. A single drop of liquid kissed my forehead and slid across down my face. Rain started but this was odd, the falling water was red like a rose...blood. Blood was falling reminding me of my mother’s tears; maybe it's her drowning me in this bloody rain while my father’s rage was the repeated thunder.   


  I remember now, I’m dead. Both my king and queen never stopped arguing when it came to an unexpected divorce,the heart attack had came and now I’ve fallen a victim and imprisoned in hell’s forgotten cores. They’re both probably up there somewhere above the clouds and beyond looking down at my grave crying together holding hands. Hard for me to believe that so to speak if God is teasing me and Satan helping me. Either way I’d rather see my parents happy then being alive with a broken family; their happiness attracts my happiness.

 I walk away now enjoying this weather from down below finding a reason to keep taking more steps from my deliberate future I escaped from. I walk I walk through reddish puddles with a smile hoping this rain will never end. I walk I walk; and remembering one thing, our bodies ossify to bone and vanish but our blood... stays forever.

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