Blood Transfusion

So my question to you is,
Why do you want a blood transfusion?
Is it because you deem 
Being black a sin 
That you are trying to dilute from within 
Why do you want a blood transfusion?
Pumped up with ancestral blood 
Racing through your every vein
You think your hood 
By saying 
I aint black blud 
Why do you want a blood transfusion?
So you’re not black 
From your 
Enriched melinated skin 
From plumped lips 
 To Shapely hips
Your strive not to die 
Living your whole life as a lie 
By repeating these words over and over again
I am mixed 
When your heart is imbedded with gold 
From gold coast 
Why do you want a blood transfusion?
Wearing weaves 
Costing heaps to the point where your prioritises 
Are taking over your liberties
To reach infinite heights
Amidst of your will and might 
You still don’t consider yourself black 
Why is black so evil 
Evil to the point where you powdered yourself skin deep 
To not face reality 
Your motherland
She has birthed thee 
Yes thee and obviously me 
Why do you want a blood transfusion?
The drumming of your heart beats with the rhyme and chime 
Drop, jive and whine
Belting out I just love my people 
However when issues arise 
You hide away with pride
Contradicting your on views 
To set yourself loose 
You still want that blood transfusion huh?
This poem is about: 
Our world


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