A Blood Transference (Part I)

Blood Blood Blood Blood everywhere
On the sink on the toilets on my hands in my hair
Blood Blood Blood everywhere
Am I living or am I dying
Drowning in despair
Blood Blood Blood Blood everywhere
Left me sitting here dying
I don't fucking care

Oh God! What have I done?

Don't you even try to fucking help
I can get back up all by myself
Fall Back!
You didn't want me then
What changed your mind now
Hiding behind the lies
Using love as a disguise
What makes you think you can come back this time

I put my heart out on the line
An I was the one who paid the price
You didn't care enough to see
That your words are hurting me
You told me to go
When I knew I needed to stay
You sucked the life out of my soul
How could you treat me this way

O lord please forgive me
Cleanse me of my sins
Give me a new life
Let me begin again


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