Blood Payment

What if every word had a cost?

And you paid in in full

Every 'and' 'a' 'the'

Cost you part of yourself

We would be a bit less careless,

wouldn't we?



If every word cost us a bit of ourselfs

Would we censor them

or use them freely?

Would people listen,

Knowing each thing spoken and written

Was a bit of someone else

The bloodpayment

Of using words

What if...

Except it's not a /what if/

It's a reality

Every word we use

It's carefully chosen

It's part of us.

We are the words we use

The lies we tell

the spirits we lift

the lives we destroy

It has been tallied against us

It has been counted towards us

We are the words we use

The blunt sticks

and well placed daggars

The bandaids and painkillers

We are the words we speak

the words we write

So who are you?


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