Blood Isn't as Thick as You'd Hope

Boys and Girls she had. Many of them gathered round.

Love she spoke, yet love we didn't feel. Love we didn't see.

One day I thought. One day I will run free. One day she won't have a hold on me.

"One day" I shouted as I made my little sister breakfast and sppilled it on my knee.

Duty and love. I had to watch them. I had to care. While she messed about unbound.


Inconsistent was our life. Until one day I had enough.

"SHUT UP" I screamed. "Im done." Maybe I was a little rough.


Ten years have passed and I no longer see her.

How is she doing I wonder. As I pick my daughter up and spin.

"I Love you mom." She says to me. I hug her tight and she tells me to put her down as it were an order.

Nothing will stop me from loving her. Nothing will make me repeat her sin.

This poem is about: 
My family
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