Blood Flow


United States
32° 29' 43.0116" N, 85° 0' 46.6236" W

If I put my fist to my chest
I feel a sensation so sweet to the living body
The heart
The muscle so strong
Coursing blood through not only my veins
But my arteries first
So pure and so bright
And the oxygen is its bright’s delight
It runs to the capillaries to nourish
And gives oxygen while the veins
Take the waste away
And it flows back to my heart
My four chambers
Protected my pericardium so smooth
This rotation
1000 times over again
Bright red to dark
And never flowing back
Carrying cells of red with the very thing
We breathe in
And cells of white
Fighting the good fight
To keep me strong along with my heart
The heart that pulses ever so sweetly
Maybe 60 times or to could go to 80
On an average scale
And you may cut me deeply
But I worry none
Platelets a many clot my wound
And heal me and complete me again
Coagulation when I expose to air
My blood reaches not to everywhere
Making me lymph
Ever so colorless
Passing nourishment to cells
So that I am no longer limp
And the blood flow goes on and on
1000 times over again
Bright red to dark
And never flowing back…



Very well written!

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