Blood and Ink

Words she can't pronounce

Letters stuck inside her mouth

As she run away from her dear agonizing logic of worthless self-worth

And pretty words, lies of gradeur cramming brain cells with hope

For better days

And nights where tears turn into sleep without assistance of capsuels from a bottle she can't control

My dear, you are

Still trying to cope with not knowing who you are

Don't trust today to promise who you're supposed to be

All of our arteries pump blood and ink

To keep us alive to write our stories

Because all of us have the same mechanics, just different overtures

Don't make the mistake of thinking one's better than the rest


He's pining away at romanticism of mind

He wants to understand how to act instead of hide

But what he doesn't see is that socializing isn't all that measures success

And there's no formula to platonic relations, but he can't find this out without blood and ink

Adventures we all have to teach us what we are

He can't copy down word for word from another person's novel

He can't see how original works don't need to be pristine to be beautiful

My dear,

Don't shed what makes your soul grow

What makes you something more than an imitation for the sake of making life easier

Pain is just a warning sign that you're learning

Just a reason to keep pushing through the burn that says your effort is working


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