blonde bombshell

We were partners in crime,

two peas in a pod.

I followed your lead,

wasted endless time.


You're a blonde bombshell,

your loud was my shy.

You bridged the gap

from heaven to hell.


I was the evil mastermind,

in the beginning,

but you got greedy.

You left me behind.


You're the master of parties,

got me caught up in

your disaster area.

Further labeled a tease,


drunkenly raped on the side

of a two track, you left

me there in shark filled water.

Then, you waded through the tide,


threw me a floatation device,

through the dark.

I latched back on to you.

At this point, that's thrice:


times I've forgiven you.

The number you've broken me?

Endless. Your golden locks

were my sunshine and sky blue.


Turn table best friends, using

people for their assets.

That's what you know how to do.

In the game of life, you're losing.


Why do I feel so bad for you?

Even now, I miss us,

the way we flow, effortless.

Was anything ever true?




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