Wasted days filled with dreams,
Dreams made up of meaningless nights,
But the nights destroy the days,
And doomed are we who see it.

It's almost unbearable,
But we love to bear the burden,
Just as they love to waste theirs,
Waste their thoughts,
Think of the world,
And what to do to it.

But who really can say,
Really is it any wonder that they say,
That ignorance is bliss,
So what will you ignore today?
And with quiet indignation,
We shout it.

Mama always told me,
Always take what you deserve,
So why won't you walk away,
Because you're the thing I keep trying to forget.

Papa always said,
Son stand up for yourself,
And here I am,
Finally had enough,
My bliss will come,
Once you're ignoring me once more,
Yes I'll be blissful once again,
When I don't have to ignore this pain.

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