In a blink of an eye

Mon, 06/03/2019 - 18:40 -- aolvera

I wish I was older. The common thought of a kid.

Kids are always waiting for tomorrow, for the future.

Kids think that they have a whole life in front of them. That people die when they are old.

I thought the same way.

I had my life planned out.

But plans do not always work out as we want.

A bad decision, a wrong turn, tires screeching, airbags exploding, windows shattering, strong gasoline odor, foggy vision, passengers crying, blood in their arms.

What have I done?

Fortunately they are all alive. Along with the feeling of guilt within me

Guilt, because I had a child’s mentality. I wanted for our plans of the day to continue.

I regret that I was not responsible like I should be. I regret that I couldn’t do anything to prevent it..

Now I realize that every decision has a consequence, that time is the only thing you cannot recover. A car can easily be bought, but not time. If a life would be lost that day, there would be no possibility I could buy it back.

But life continues, my plans are different now.

I was forced to drop classes due to the lack of money that resulted from the event.

I do not aspire for the future to arrive as much as before.

I try to live the moment and let everything fall into place.

I was given another opportunity and realized that my future is not assured

I was given another opportunity to act as an adult, be cautious, responsible, and thankful for every day that is granted along with the loved ones that surround me.

I am not sure if this is considered a poem, but it sure is a way to release trapped emotions.

To everyone reading this be careful, be thankful, and I hope that every goal you have will be achieved.



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