Blinded By Sight


United States
34° 35' 13.0596" N, 117° 7' 35.31" W

The night sky is as innocent as a daytime cloud
To nature this is understood to nature this is sound
However, we are enveloped by a mindset quite more diverse
Our minds are blinded by sight, oh what a curse

A savage beast is more acceptable than any tamed creature
As long as it's beautiful and has an innocent feature
As foolish as it sounds, this is how we live, this is what we breathe
Without even thinking, this is what we believe

On this belief different ideas are given and different ideas are shared
But most of the time we only end up conceptually impaired
Among these some will snicker and some will laugh
And some will yell and unleash all kinds of wrath
Some others seek indifference and remain quite blithe
But being only human, I wonder if you can honestly decide

A decision to say whether something is correct or not
At this all are eager and ready to input their thought
Though before you to decide something wrong from right
You need to no longer be blinded by sight


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