Blinded By Red


By the red in his face I knew he was angry

Waving his cold steel in my face 

A red lip stain on the back of his hand

Bloodshot eyes and a bottle of gin

If red had a taste I was tasting it now

The gin glass broken stained in red

As I’m pressed against four red walls

My tears and blood mix

Blurring my vision,turning it red

The red of a spark 

The pull of a trigger

 I’m blinded by red

I kneel in warm water 

Wiping the red from my eyes

There he lay in his pool of blood

A hole in the right and out through the left

Red and blue lights fill the room

As I crawl away from all the red

I leave behind a note in red

Love is red

Rage is red 

Both are blind


This poem is about: 
Our world


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