He's stripped her of her innocence,

His touch has darkened.

Her internal morals vanished, 

Her souls' been broken.


She remains silent and carries on,

But her smile has wilted and gone.

She pushes everyone aside,

For the man who's got  her blind.


Blinded from reality,

Blinded from the truth.

Follows him like a lost puppy,

Coiled by a noose.


Her social aspects finally fades, 

As she reaches reluctantly for the blade.

She paints her canvas a rose red, 

Wishing she was eternally dead.


He called upon her as if she was his slave,

She whimpers, trying to maintain brave.

He forces her to surrender, yet again, 

She waves her white flag, "Okay, you win."


She then screams,

"Stop! Stop!"

She's hopelessly shaking, 

No matter the struggle, she's his for the taking.


Her vocals were abruptly interrupted, 

He stopped, disbelieved as to what he just did.

A tear rolls down his cheek,

He shakes her corpse, "Baby, come back to me!"


He sits beside her motionless skin,

Repeatively confessing his sins,

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please forgive me again."

His apology is decieved for he has no heart,

He wants his fix, but his fix is dark.


Soon he has another on his arm,

She has yet to see his brutal harm.

The fallen angel, from a distance, moniters his moves.

She whispers, "Please.  Don't let him get you too."


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