Blind Hope



Being portrayed as a bird or a silver lining,

Always positive.

Never has it been seen for what it truly is,

A double edged sword.

One edge being the outcome we desire and the other being... Painful.

Hope is painful.

Like a hot blade nimbly slicing the soul.

The tiniest bit of it spreads like an uncontrollable wildfire,

And it's aftermath, at least in my case is never good.

See hope is a friendly enemy of mine,

We have gotten to know each other so well, hope and I.

Hope, makes me believe I have a chance.

Hope, makes me believe I have control.

Hope makes me forget that choices are not mine, that my life is not my own.

Hope is a parasite.

Stupid hope.

Hope only hurts me.

I've always hoped too much,

For things beyond my control.

For dreams I can't reach.

If you can, squash the hope.

Hope doesn't care if it's the only thing you have left,

Hope will die easily with reality.

Trust me, it is better to have no hope then to have your hope taken from you.

Hope is not a bird,

Hope is a burden.

But I can't stop hoping,

It's like an addiction.

Take me to rehab,

I'm too positive,

I'm beyond rationality.

I need to stop hoping because it's shredding me apart.

It leaves my heart unprepared.

It leaves me.

Hope leaves me.

It runs when it feels the harsh swing of reality,

You are unfaithful, hope.

You only hurt me, hope.

Look at the work of art you have created!

You laugh at what you have done to me,

You mock what is left of my massacred soul.

You can not do this anymore...

You have no more of my time,

And I am no longer your fool.


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