Blind to the Blessings

I am blessed 


Blessed to be free 

To be able to see 

to drink warm tea 

Blessed to wake up in my bed every morning 

So warm, so cozy

But for real no joke this poem about to get serious just a warning

Im blessed to have both my parents under the same roof

Blessed to be able to walk outside without a jacket that's bulletproof

Blessed to wake up to the sounds  of laughter n birds

I want to keep this meaningful, no empty words

In the back of my mind i think-

I think-- what about the others?

People in syria waking up to shouting and guns

Fathers are losing sons

They’re calling us begging for funds

Scouring house to house looking for curbs

No food on the table

No food in their mouths

The governments unjust and takes what is ours

They use Syrian people as bait

While they try to stand up for something great

Every step they take 

Every sound they make 

Risking it all for God's sake - we are blessed

While we complain about the new shoes we want

Or how detrimental it is when we cheat and get caught

Day of reckoning is upon us when our phones die

Hyperventilating because we cant text each other “hi”

Or cuz we cant flex on everyone on our trip to Dubai 

Or cuz we cant snapchat the fireworks on the 4th of july

While in syria the only lights they see in the sky 

Are the bombings that are killing the kids that can’t be identified 

they don't get the chance to say goodbye

Death always in the back of their minds

They go through their day not knowing if they're going to survive

All these emotions got me tongue tied- we are blessed 

We convince ourselves that they're gonna be okay

That all the pety ‘fake news’ is insane 

And we disregard the horrid videos of syria we cannot tolerate 

Blown to pieces she was only eight

The walls splattered in blood -  redecorate

Wailing  mothers holding the corps of their children - it's a heartbreak

When we get a glimpse of their lives we try to forget we try to  erase

Forget the ugly world and reillistrate

But it's all true. 

We freak out when we get the flu

Or feel like a million dollars when we practice our religion in front of a jew

While syrian men are planning a coup

Risking their lives

Cutting family ties 

Hiding the ugly truth from their kids to prevent two worlds that should not collide

They go to sleep already having said their goodbyes- we are blessed

We are blessed

Blessed to walk and drive

I call myself syrian but who am i

I see the ugly things on the news and all i can do is cry 

I wish I had the courage i wish I had the pride 

My throat aches from the tears I keep inside 

Syrian blood runs through my veins while syrian blood is being spilled in vain

Alhamdulillah we go to sleep with no gunshots no cries

Telling alexa to play spotify

No spotify premium think you gon die

Not enough skips its killing your vibe?

The traumatized syrian kids can't skip this part of their lives

And when you think all is done

Poor little Amal Al-shteiwi, a Syrian refugee, in Canada commits suicide

Only 11 years only taken by the tide

Bullies in school made her feel diversified 

Scared by name, afraid of where she's from

Called her father a terrorist and a scum

Words cannot describe

my lips are going numb 

I wish her family ease

I wish her peace in paradise

May all our dua protect her like a floatation device

Brothers and sisters use this opportunity to make a change in your life

Make the change now and be thankful for your wife

Understand the blessing in this life

Acknowledge all the privileges you have because it can all disappear in a blink of an eye

And if your drowning in hardship, remember Allah is always on your side

Call to Him and He will reply- He will supply



This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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