Fake to real I had no choice.

It was stand still or project my voice.

Innocent to vulnerable with decisions choose wisely or be judged.

Judged on everything so choose your heart don't hold a grudge.

Might hurt but be smart becasue you slip and the fake will take a grip.

Learned egotistic in order to move away and live off logistics.

Switched it up they hate me becasue I learned to live as a magician.

Turning fears oh into fame and screaming...

You'll never take my name I planned it out I'm on a mission!

Used to run in crowd to get my name up with the cliques.

Until I learned I wasn't like them, so go ahead, call me a misfit.

All material, the money and the clothes.

That if I didn't wear my best fit they'd have me hanging on a pole.

The real and fake isn't a game, so when you talk to me you better bring the heat becasue I've endured enough pain.

If I could go back, hell I would call up Great Scot and have him type in 2017, grab a hover board and change a lot.

When did it become cool to talk bull behind a friend's back?

Guess it was the newest trend except I'm not trending so when I delete your number, remember that.

Wrote a poem like this for english class back in the 10th grade, only I got a bunch of laughs when it was serious.

The disrespect, I was betrayed.

So I knew my mindset had to alter.

Alter into no ego.

Become the people's hero.

And speak up for the quiet.

Took me years to find the words.

Ran my course on a true  friend diet.

Lost some weight relieved my back.

I was done holding on to people who would never give me slack.

Conceptions of the world I learned a lot.

If the "friends" your with don't hold you down you might as well call them a mascot.

One person one time and the other time they're not.

Grow up to see the real eyes.


Real lies.

Bound to find the light in the world with fake people.

A destruction of mind.

Be true to yourself and your friends.

I know now.

All I had to do was open my eyes.

Don't be blind.





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