I’m blessed,
So I don’t know why I worry.
God has given me eternal life in heaven.
I’m blessed to be alive.
Blessed to have a beautiful family.
So grateful to have a home,
Happy to know that I will never live alone.
Blessed to have my limbs,
To be able to talk,
Move and to walk,
Happy to know right from wrong
and to be able to have standards.
Blessed to know that I am blessed.
Not being corrupted into the world
being able to live beyond my dreams.
Blessed to be in my right mind
Giving god the glory
Blessed to be happy,
Blessed to be satisfied,
Blessed to not always second guess.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very beautiful

it radiates positive energy and harmony to my heart when i read it

great job and build off more ideas to inspire more people

great poem


it is human propensity to worry... and it sucks that I can't stop worrying a Christian.. i find that most things God asks of me can seem humanly impossible but God is awesome.. and we are most definitely blessed inspite of human frailties.. overall awesome job! very inspiring.. and real


Yes God is so good! Let Him speak through you to spread that joy He has given you! I pray this poem be used to shed scaled from blind persons eyes


I am glad God has blessed you!! :)


Indeed you are blessed because you have the Lord always by your side and you keep Him dear in your heart. I'm so grateful to run across your poem. It gives me great joy to know that there are still people lifting the Lord up in their lives and poems. May God continue to bless you through the ups and downs and keep your wonder for Him always growing. In Jesus name. Amen. Keep writing on my friend :) !!!

Pinball Geisha

This is absolutely beautiful. 


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