Bleeding Hearts

I believe in people who break their own hearts just to mend someone else’s.

People who extinguish their own spark just to ignite someone else’s.

The servants of the world,

the ones who keep on giving, even when they’re not getting.

The ones who try to lift the spirit of a broken soul

or shed some light to the devils in the dark.

The ones who keep chasing after a lost cause.

The ones who lose the battle just to win the war.

People who can’t turn off their intuition or their hearts.

The ones whose voices shake as they try to explain why they still care.

The ones whose eyes cry and whose hearts bleed.

Those who always put everyone else first

and whose hearts beat for others and not for themselves.

The ones who try to save wolves instead of running away from them.

The ones who feel like no one understands them because their hearts are so big, but their voices are so small.

I believe in you, the one who time and time again, is taken for granted; who keeps rooting for the people who’ve crushed your soul; whose spirit never dies, despite being broken over and over.

I believe in the people who love and hate life at the same time.

The ones who will be back at it again tomorrow, fighting the fights they never seem to win.

I believe in people like me.


I believe in us.


In a world full of hate,

we continue to spread love

and find good in every person.

No matter how many times

we are told to give up

or how many times

the world screams at us

for not conforming to its level of hatred,

we keep searching for the light

inside of a dark soul.

We know there is something within

each and every human that glows

without a trace of corruption.

Because even in a rotten apple,

there still remains a piece inside

untouched by the contamination.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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