By ishianna

Why do people blame themselves for a tragedy? That I shall never understand. You have not caused any pain or harm in anyway yet you sit here and you say 'tis thy fault'? Who is it not to say it isn't your own self feelings of sorrow that cause you to believe such a false accusation. Why do you get
down on your knee in front of the crowd and cry out and rip your garment and say 'Tis my fault for his death' but yet you haven't touched the sword on which he had slayed himself ? You have not caused the blood to pour and cry out from his veins, you have not touched him, yet you say that it is thy fault. How did you come into this all? You have yet to do anything to this poor man yet you say it is thy fault. If it is thy fault tis the fault of my own too and of the landlord, of the mother of the school children, tis the fault of the old beggerman. If thy witnessed  him slay himself, you are not at fault for it was at the last minute of his breath that you took notice. So why does thy
Say 'tis thy fault', when you took no notice of his last breath because your arrival was unknownably late?
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