A Blade

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 21:51 -- cas1991


United States
37° 54' 40.5828" N, 92° 25' 15.1356" W

A blade, shining in the sun, reflecting
A thirst, hunger and power of what was
Upon the face, a cut, a scar, sight marred
Half a world of dark, half a world of light
A weakness, a strength, a curse, a cure, hers
Different eyes see different reason
Life or death, last choice, last chance, the sword raised
Break down walls; build them higher, attack, strike!

A blade, shining in the sun, bleeding out
Blood to never bleed, heart to never break
Pouring blood, shatter the heart, break it all
Destroy that which makes yourself, destroy you
Slice and tear, tears too far fallen too long
Make it count, this chance, this choice, the last one
Decisions to make, make it so, be true
Follow heart, mind, and soul, unite in one

A blade hiding in the night, lasting time
Forget the rules, bend to one whim, change it
Forget what was, could be, should be, would be
Change destiny, erase the stone’s final marks
No finality, no end, now, never
Don’t look back, don’t turn away, shadows call
The night is taking over, forget the light
Enter now the world of one, of darkness
Watch it fade, watch it go, never return

A blade, fading in the night, forever stained


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