#BlackLivesMatter (Part 2) by: Jaay Dee Kayy

At night I hear innocent people's blood cry out to me from the ground

Innocent souls who can't find rest nor come back to the arms of their loved ones

Their cries only a whisper to those who don't care, and they curse GOD for giving them a conscious

But these cries are screams to the ones who care, and are on the same radar, we are here

The scars left from the screams I hear, of fear being ignored by the ones who are supposed to save you in times like these

Not a care in the world, and their ignorance is scary, because they don't know what we carry

The strength of the Gods that reside in our soul, the life we were prophesied to live in the days of old, long ago

Maybe you don't know, that people act this way when they are afraid

Especially when we could've outnumbered them and THEIR lives we would take,

But this is how we know we are truly Gods inside, when someone else tries to decide your life for you

Or end it if they can't think of anything

Really we should be thanking these people in a way... I'm not saying this is right, but obviously it was necessary to bring out the God in you

They're setting themselves up for failure, and just don't know it

Because all they wanted to do was take your power, when really their actions have been empowering us all along.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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