The Black woman's body

A slave in massas feilds and  a slave

in massas sheets 

His plae grown body pressed

on her like cleats 

His grip on her 14 year old body felt like 

years of pain

Weighing her down like heavy metal 

chains. Not allowing her to fight back 

Frozen. Stiff. Nubm. Lifeless. The nightmare 

she lived felt like forever 

No rights over life, no rights over her body. Her tears flowed down her face

Piece by piece he craked her like a vase 

How could he have the heart to do that 

But yet spread the word of God to his family and children?

All it took was a bid that snatched away 

my vison of freedom 

He tells us how are skin and hair is a curse 

But I swore ehat he was doing to me was worse 

No sound I could make to yell

or scream for help

A white man has so much power that the most precious

gift in a girl belonged to him 

Like he is so used to touching and stealing

what does not belong to him

Not a brother, nor uncle, not even my own daddy

could save me

Oh lord please set me free

This poem is about: 
My community


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