Black Veil

There's a lot of rules
In this little world of ours;
A list of "do"s and "don't"s
A choking chain


Now that's a funny thing
Since so many are afraid
Of the words others might say


It's so much easier, truly,
To hide behind smoke and mirrors
Because it's a lot simpler, not really,
To live a lie than to live a truth


Almost like well-trained dogs
We bend and flip and jump
To the beat of the crowd
It's become so easy to live behind the veil


It's better to be hated for who you are
Than to be loved for what you're not
There's that funny quote
An admission to a truth too few can embrace


It's easier to live behind the veil
Because it's much easier to be loved
By bending than by standing

By choking than by breathing


And it’s easiest to live

Behind that blackened veil

Because there’s the smoke

To hide from that mirror


Easier to live it is

Behind that blackened veil

Because it’s easier to hide

From who and what you are


Easier in that blackened veil

Because when in hiding

You are safe from everything

Every adversary, even from yourself


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