Black Skin

Being legal in America,This means nothing to black skinIt truly is a white mans world,Hatred, powerless, fear, what we feel within Pow! Pow! Through the head!My Beautiful black skin has been shotI whistled at a white womanThe white man got off. There is no justice system for black skin,Still going by slavery lawThis is a warning to my peopleWe're not even worth something on all fours that crawl Pow! Pow! Through the heart!My Beautiful black skin has been shotSuspicious, I had a black hoodie onThe white man got off Shaking my head in shameWhy is this world that wayMy God, My GodThis is not what he meant when he said what he had to say

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I am not a racist. I just write poems on situations that have went on in history or are going on. It.s easier to write about what you can relate to and because I'm African American I can relate to a certain extent.

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