Black Room


United States
32° 52' 43.0608" N, 82° 23' 45.3336" W

Black is the only color i see
darkness is the only color for me.
sitting in a big black room alone
tilit my head back on the wall at home
hoping to feel your lost energy pulsate through me
looking for help from people who can no longer understand me
sitting in a big black room alone
i clinch my chest and try to stay strong
hold my head up high to act like nothings wrong
with a smile that doesn't quite reach my eyes

But no one minds 'cause im the happiest person outside
but no one truely knows, no one truely understands.
no one's there to hold my hand and help me stand
i am truely Alone without you.
I honestly don't have a clue of what to do
Sitting in a big black room alone
all i have is my thoughts to keep me company
stuck in my mind, depression is my company
victim of the mighty, loyal to the fallen
I stick to her like a dog to his bone

sitting in a big black room alone
i think of what could i do to have helped
was there even a way this tragity could have been stopped
i have no way of knowing and now im stuck
no where to go i've just ran out of luck
some tell me to call to the heavens above
to believe in him and good will come
but how can i when theres no one there i dream of
my hope is lost my mind is gone
shall i hold thy hand till kingdom come?
Do i have patients to wait for my hope to come?
to wait for my oh so beloved savior,
to bring me out of my blacken misery.
When is his highness gonna' bring me to peace
is death the only way to rest in peace
sleepless nights is all i feel
hopeless days is all i reveal
sitting in a big black room alone
theres no way out of the walls of this home.

Its like im stuck in a matrixs
with my mind constently playin' trixs
some say just get rid of the dark ora
but how exactly am i supposed to show ya'
that im stuck and theres no way out
i can't just flail my arms about
and hope that someone pulls me out
'cause im stuck with only my friend depression
sitting in a big black room alone
i close my eyes and see your soul
but when they open the tears stream down
'cause im sitting in this big black room

Guide that inspired this poem: 



I hope you see what really hides behind the eyes of many


It hides within others also, i have felt and feel what exactly this poem entails. I'm here to talk if you so wish.


A lot of emotion a really great poem

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