We hold a high position.
Standing with a strong attitude in the way we walk and talk.
No man will respect the women who can’t run her own race, but every man will respect the woman who can hold her own.
When she speaks, wisdom flows from her lips and she surpasses other women who can’t do what she does
Imitators try to lead but they fail because they can’t be this women.
She is human but understands the abilities she poses to transform.
She is more plus and less minus
Her heart was made to love, and honor. She is loyal and only gets better every day. With every moment she learns what is beautiful and sees the ugly before she can indulge.
God made her the color of the earth, shaped her to have a shadow that cast a built body like no other. Not to make her naturally blend into the background, but to stand out.
She has a thick coiled mane, so that simple thoughts can’t seep through to throw her off from her destiny.
Only a man of God can correct her past, and make things last. A good man is not hard to find when it comes to this woman because a good man will find her. She does not waste her energy.
She doesn’t do what the foolish woman does, she has self-love.
Her body is a temple that will not be flooded with poor ideas.
She doesn’t dance for a man’s attention, but she does sing with faithful instruction on her tongue.
She knows not to break bread with female dogs that believe they are dimes but are pennies and have the poorest blood.
Through her veins flow the rich of the richest blood there is, this woman.
Her husband runs right beside her towards her goal and he will to reach his
He will be blessed and he will know she is worth way more than silver and gold
Search her soul and you will find wisdom and grace.
She fears God and has nothing but confidence that through him she is the women they speak of in proverbs. She holds a high position and is the foundation of what a good man needs to be successful and profit from life’s most precious things.
When they see her, she is always at work to complete her life’s mission.
She stopped wishing for dreams a long time ago and deals with reality just as well as a man can.


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