black potato

I'm afraid she'll never be healed;
she had love, now this she'll lack.
A potato only turns black
when the skin is peeled.

He stripped her naked,
and she trusted,
every action but he never hesitated
to take all that she held sacred.
He turned everything to darkness,
now she's no longer a princess.

He was only filled with greed.
But he took her to his room,
Now she carries the little seed,
of the devil in her womb,

With the vision getting vague,
she's infected by a plague.
He caress her every muscle,
as if she was a puzzle,
then he broke her into pieces,
until a nightmare he releases.
He spent time to make her numb,
but too bad the girl was dumb,
he been acting like a charmer,
but intensions were to harm her.
He was smooth operating,
she couldn't help but to believe him,
he was honest and a gentleman,
exactly what she needed,
but little did she understand,
she'd be manipulated.
The man was on a killing spree,
her left her too with HIV.

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