Black Lives Matter

Verse 1: Do you hear me? Is you listenin'

Do you care 'bout all the killings,

How they targeting our children for the color of our pigment

It's a shameful world we live in

Even sadder that we missin', all the reasons for the sit-ins

Our police don't wanna listen,

I've been wondering if you've noticed

They kill us then get promoted

They take off and get vacations and then come back and get a bonus

and in the same breath they all say,

That it's not about the race

But in my mind I wanna say, well let the white man take our place

Cause it ain't fair to me and mines, that our lives could one day end

By the time we step outside

You could say that all lives matter, but I know that is a lie

Cause I'm a black kid who is smart , Yet I struggle to survive

But why? 

Because black lives don't matter to you


Verse 2: You say that God is still alive

And he's in love with all his children

In the church you preach the word, 

But in the streets it's different music

In my mind I hear the cries of the people thats been wounded

As you shootin' nameless bullets, actin' if the sound is soothing

With a messed up little country

and a president that's clueless

a divider in the courtroom,with the rulings that are stupid

I can't do it

Where the justice for my people?

Said you applying it to law, but what you say don't make it legal

And that's a fact

Everytime I leave the house, I feel as if I could be attacked

And in the back of my mind I'm going

"It's all because I'm black"


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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