Black Kings


40 acres and a mule 

How bout 40 million and some fame 

slaves to old white men's rule

and it's such a shame 

from the NBA NFL MLB

to the rap and hip hop music industry

being rich dont mean your close to being free

contracts with zero's 

swithching y'all up to weird clothes

with a mind so febble

you sell out your people 

your just slowly rottin' 

picking the new cotton

they're enslaving our culture

im taking the gun out the slave masters holster   

You Athletes and Rappers just some "House Niggas"

I hope this hits your brains and triggers

dont act brainless they are trying to control us

Take action 

because black men

should have no owners.......We are kings. 





I can tell you would be an interesting person to talk to.

I would love to talk about these things with you! Mayflower711

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