Black Face


I wouldn't even slap you woth the hand that I pissed on

It's missed on- how white supremacy is the golden key.

And everything that I see, is not for me.

'Cause the way it' set up; I'm set to fail

'Cause my mamma and daddy aren't the white we all hail.

But the struggle ain't real unless you know the part

Minorities aren't the topic we call an art.

But it's fine, the sh*t we been through, is daily life

Not considered, nothing changes, Fate is just Life.

Man, they killed my cousin Jaba, 


They hid it as a suicide like we are blind to see.

The truth aint the truth unless the white man said it.

Who shoot, who shot, unless the white man said it.

But when it comes to us, it doesn't matter who we bust.

Callin' up gangs and chains bonded by blood.

Our blood runs black like our skin.

Tell me why this doesn't mean sh*t if you stole my glasses.

And it's a pain, we all know it's a shame

That doesn't stop the daily gain of our black man diein'

The gain of the tears us black me cryin'

Until we unite ourselves, within our race

We will be nothing but just another black face.


Why try so har to be just alike?

What They call a 'shining star'? 

Because being white is right.

Why can't we love our skin, and be comfortable in it?


This supremacy is, killing our race.

But it's okay, 'cause we are nothing but a black face.



Bruh that was like amazing. Nothing but true facts. I can really feel what you are saying.


Sorry for the late reply but thanks, I really appreciate that.

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