Black Dragon

I help other people

Putting others before myself.

My fire thaws their ice away.

They get too close...

You should never get too close to fire.


Hot burning sparks


Purple Scars forever.

A rememberance that I am helpless.


I sit here,

In the middle of a wreck.

Face in hands.

Knees up to my chest.

Wearing all black in hopes to blend into 

The ashes I have created.


The silent sharp cracks of fire remaind.

I gain the strength to rise...

And over the burnt meadows

I see old friends.

Walking away.

Moving on.


I hear the familiar screams of apologies

I hear a crying out

I know it is my voice,


But no sound comes out.


Fire comes again

Burning even further outside the perimeters I had

Burned just earlier.


I sit down.

Face in hands.

Knees up to chest.

I am helpless.

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