The Black Death

I gotta question.

How come the Black Death is back?

It ain’t the plague though.

All the clouds is dark.

What happened to the sunshine and rainbows?

I’m so fed up with the stuff that has happened as of late.

“Us” Negroes are dying everyday.

We are all hated because what?

Our increase of rate?

Because our freedom has reinstated?

Is it because we are the big reason why there is a pluralistic society?

But y’all want to be the materialistic critics.

Coming at us hard, playing devil’s advocate.

But they always fail to give us credit.

As much as we have contributed to life today

They should be down on their knees, like they about to pray, expressing praise, with the puppy dog face.

We still treated you guys with grace.

Took everything that you never gave,

We made your past, a thought that I will never pass.

We were your maids, made your plates, made sure your life was great, let you beat us down, smacked our face because y’all was bored and had guests entertain.

Y’all could never do right

Of all the rice you could have provided.

We had to share one grain of a meal, while you used as your mill.

Gluttony, greed, lust it’s all sin, so how could y’all deal.

But on the real, in the 21st Century we suffer police brutality; while we pull attacks, and strike fatalities on our own nationality, but in reality we help the oppressive get back on top, and defeat the depressive.

They leave us at the bottom because we are considered “minorities”.

We gotta be ligher than the paper bag to eat in the food court, you see.

Our powers have forever been limited to not approved.

So no matter how many times we win,we always lose.

U.S.A? More like B.S.A

So now when they say that the U.S.A is “Land of the Free. Home of the Brave”, that is B.S,..I say it is “Land of the Sleazy. Home of the Fake” its done, its bruised, it been dead.

Claim  equality, but he why is the perfect vision division?

What type of provision is this?

This claim of proficiency is full of deficiency.

But you know what I’m tired and we should all be!

Tired of respecting those who can’t do the same for me.

Play me for a fool

Nah play us for a fool!

Wasting what my momma taught me!

Good manners like “Yes ma’am”, “Yes siree”. Man please!

Didn't expect my life to be a breeze, but jeez I don’t still want life to be like this after I leave…

Oops my bad, when we leave

Unity is something that I do believe

If it has to Blacks, Latinos, and minorities against that world then so belt.

I just declared war, but who knows whether or not we’ll beat it…

So for now on, on each day going forth, when I walk outside, Imma just think to myself,all of this that we created is ours.

And no policeman, government agency, or any other authority can change that.

My brother, my sister whats mine is yours and what’s your is mines.

These homes, the streets from the north, to south, to west, the east, to the central ward, from door to door.

I hope everybody gets on board, because this is the only way we are going to make sure the motto of America is accord, and I’mma assume you don’t support if you straight up abort.

I’m D.C., and I ride or die, for my race, even though it's a sad case, but AllLivesMatter, and to add on BlackLivesMatter, and that is most definitely something that we should embrace.

So whenever irrelevant people that can’t relate try to hit me with an Ace of Spades, Imma just calmly say, This ain’t no game! So you know what  Get Out My Face!


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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