Black Cloud

Why has this feeling come to me once more

It's like an old ghost knocking at my front door

anxiety and worriedness have infected my mind

but our love is different and so hard to find

I can not help this plague inside my cranium

It spreads through my life like a body exposed to uranium

It has doused the flames of two before

This feeling inside of me I can not ignore

This darkness enhances my deepest emotions

And makes me question my earlier notions

I must escape this black abyss

It will only leave with true love's first kiss


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Expressing myself in calligraphy when i needed an outlet to suppress this cloud of sadness that came over me one day. The 2 lines about cranium and uranium are probably my 2 favorite lines because though uranium doesn't always lead to cancer. My grandfather had pancreatic cancer and i think that part of him should be included in every poem i write because he meant so much to me. Those 2 lines exemplify that. 

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