Black on Black Crime

Not gangs in the street
Or getting jumped and beat
Not drugs, alcohol, or bullets
Not unmanageable rage
Or society putting us in a cage
This isn't my Black on Black crime.


Boys don't wear skirts,
And girl, you need a man.
Black people aren't gay.
That's white people;
Don't you know your race?


We didn't have gays in my day.
...Because you beat them into silence.
What happened to the good ole days?
You raped me to be straight, remember.
Kids these days are so extra!
We'll pray that gay out of you.
Or you can pray that hate away.


But it's whatever.
I'll kill myself and you'll ask
You say you'll always love me,
But things are different
After you met my girlfriend.


I got kicked out,
But you tell the churchfolks I ran away.
You say we need to advance as a community
But if you're homophobic,
You're still colonized.


Black LGBT have always been here,
But you called it a phase
Ignored us
Disqualify our blackness
And killed us.


Black on Black crime
Not gun wounds or bruises--
But words, actions, and looks.


If you think Black people can't be Queer,
You're colonized.
I'm not this way because of TV or apps.
The white man didn't brainwash me,
But he sure did a number on you. 


My oppressors look like me
And talk like me.
We go to teh same church
And we praise teh same God.
But they kill me anyway.


Black on Black Crime. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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