Black and White


United States
40° 0' 35.1252" N, 76° 37' 46.9884" W

The roses are bloody
The violets are brown
The people are dying
Because of the crown

The King has no power
When next to the Queen
She orders the kills
And looks out on the scene

A war is now waging
But to her chagrin
The fight is both outside
And also within

The Pawns have been slaughtered
All killed in a line
They went to war knowing
They'd run out of time

The Knights have all fallen
In brave sacrifice
The Bishops are felled
By a roll of the dice

The Rooks are all toppled
The castles are sieged
Leaving no time
For the people to grieve

The Queen sees it all
And wants to amend
She joins in the war
And she, too, meets her end

The King is cut down
By the enemy Queen
The final deed done
Without being seen

The roses are wilted
The violets are too
All the people are dead-
That's what war will do


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