Black and White


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Black and white.
White for new beginnings, fresh starts, and enlightenment,
Black, the color of passion, strength, and warmth.

On a black, leather couch and the
Day’s dimming light shining through.
I froze and my dark brow rose in curiosity.

A clip of a young boss nuzzling the neck of a pretty
Secretary when another woman interrupts,
Black and white.

One title, one film peaked my interest,
The names of new people, perfect strangers
To me then, dear friends to me now.

And I, willfully seduced by the dark,
The mysterious life of no color,
The handsome and light-hearted actor,
The beyond beautiful and confident actress,
The romantic script like poetry from a
Shakespearean sonnet and the gorgeous,
Shining, gowns with dashing black suits.

A decision to bring light and reason
And purpose to my life: the beginning of

The present was sad and hopeless,
The future was scary and uncertain, but
The past was effervescent, genuine,
Certain, and inspirit.

It was like another world or
Stepping into a time warp, and
The destination though ancient
Was new and fresh to me.

It wrapped around me like a blanket
Or a teasing, lover’s arms.

For a moment, I am not a part of my world,
But a piece of this new one;
I could feel what this world felt.
I was there.

I can smell the lady’s elegant perfume,
Taste the blinding cloud of cigarette smoke,
Filling the air like a second atmosphere,
And I loved every moment of it.

And after such a mental affair,
I could not return to whence I came,
The modern day where the loss of innocence,
Begins as early as elementary.

An iron curtain had been pulled back
From sad eyes, and I could see,
The sunlight splashed upon my soul
And I could feel again.

I was enlightened.
The war was over, my lesson learned,
And my heart could beat again.

I continue to travel back to that world each day,
And when I close my eyes and succumb to the darkness
Of my world, I see light in every shadow.
Black against white.



Once I found my passion for film, everything else in my life fell into place and I only pray that others can find a passion like mine for something worthwhile.


Well, you *really* bring the idea of film to life in this poem. Wow. This is truly incredible. Please keep writing.

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