Black Is...

Black is the new blackThe old blackAlways black to blackand back to blackIt's back to that Blacker the black the sweeter the blackNot the deeper the lack or the cheaper the crackNot the triller the trap but the iller the rapNot the breaking of backs or the deafening of gatsNot bruises and slaps or sippin on yacWe be so black we much more than just that We colorfully rainbow blackMADE WITH MELANIN and HANDLE WITH CARE inscribed in our tats What a time to be blackHistory, mystery, present, future, pastWe be that, that brown, down, cool, classic blackWhen the world ends we'll still be around after that True black, bold black, best black, so blackBUY BLACKDon't try blackDon't suntan, cornrow, or artificial dye blackDon't lie on black, deny black, then when it's convenient rely on black You gotta be born black, not just adorned in blackBeneath phenotype or "you talk white" you be black because it's on the inside You can't look at black and decide that only a wide nose and naps constitute blackThere's so much more to it than thatIt's bone deep and erected in our backs So stop trying to show you black and get to know blackLike really sow into black, grow more spiritual and soulful blackBe noble black and don't let no one control yo black You say you've met God and she's blackWell did she tell you that every color mixed together becomes black?You should be proud and own that: no hue gets its name without paying homage to black, and within got all of that 

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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