A Bit of Sobriety


This place is sometimes hot,

A little sticky and rough,

people pass, exchange a glance

smile random smiles,

but go away in matter of time.

The sun is sometimes hot

it goes up,

it goes down,

it goes up again.

The wind caresses,

purely constant in its duties,

as the trees shake about.

The sun goes down-

ever so reliant.

The wind cools a sweaty brow

Transcending borders--

the worker in Peru,

businessman in Canada,

actress in America.

The wondrous, mind-blowing

virtue of nature--ever so reliant.

The stars never fail to brighten

the dimness consuming one.

While the rapids flow

without waiting to be asked.

When pondering why we are,

these remain a sightly glance

and often whisper a beautiful:

“Stay awhile,

Stay awhile,

See the grandness of this land.”


This poem is about: 
Our world


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