bioluminescent radioactive blue iceberg eyes

so many things

feeling so many things

with leters and soundwaves 

bouncing off of me

colors wider

tastes softer

lovelyy water

mirror truth

wheres the sleep when all my room

is floating in a blue lagoon

and up upon thwe arthropods 

the sun just so politefully nods

and blueish girl

with greenish hair

within a ray of sun

is there

she smiles at me

run away

another time

another day

but after weeks they come along

with other smiles and other cons

just for sex but its okay

just accept this is the way 

this works

...haveing to wake up'

knowing the previous day

you kissef 3 people who were falling for you

shouldnt bne this hard

shouldnt brig so many tears

shouldnt make my body ache but for gods sake

i cant keep beijng the girl

who takes their heards with a smile

i have to figure out how 

to fix myself instead now

of putting them through hell


and having to wake up 

knowing you know that you know what youre doing

makes me want to

never wake up



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