Billing the Lack of Intelligence


Here I stand, dumbfounded.


Soiled in all the anger of the intelligence, I offered to my exhausted mind.

Fried by the stresses of stepping up that ladder, I slip. I slip to the depths of bills.

"You owe us $572.00" I was trapped, only to be ensnared by the lack of intelligence.

There was no end in sight, my anger coiled around all of the muscles and nerves in my fists as I clenched holding back from tears.

I have failed.

Failure does not exist to me, but when it comes to, everthing else just, fades.

Tell somone they are not good enough, they stand up on their feet.

Tell someone to quit, they try even harder.

Tell me I have drowed in bills, I will surmount all of it.

Lacking something doesn't mean it is impossible.

Lacking something means, you havent taken the time to understand.

Now, I understand.




I just wanted everyone to know what it felt like to be billed by your own college. It honestly does not feel great at all.

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