Billboard 100

Music class in 10th grade. 

Create tunes. 

Synths played

The final project

Made a video about sampling 

It is stitching together music

Each artist makes an amount of effort in making their own sound. 

branched out into other genres outside of the Billboard 100. 

collects vinyls of classic artists, and film soundtracks. 

The majority has hip-hop. 

genres of rock too.

The Police and The Beatles. 

gotten most of The Beatles discography guy selling boxes of The Beatles. 

Researches underground acts

look at uploads from Bandcamp

taking a listen into discographies. 

watching music videos.

replaying favorites . 

The musical production interesting to learn. 

considered it to be a job I could take up soon. 

1,169 different artists according to 

It is impressive how there are different levels of enjoying music. 


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