Big Brother Is Watching You

I stand in an empty room But I am not alone. Big Brother is watching you. I think in my own head But everyone knows my thoughts Big Brother is watching you. I whisper to myself But everyone can hear me Big Brother is watching you. I long for a space of my own I have over nothing, Not even myself. My thoughts are not mine My is you. I am you. You are me. Laws do not exist And in turn, I have no rights. My blood may as well be metal. My heart may as well be a machine. Everything I am, is nothing of what I want to be. I must throw away my soul And learn who I really am from other people. Privacy is something of imagination. My dreams can only go as far as to have a moment alone. I am trapped. And all the while I am told I have the most freedom that ever existed. Who am I? Why am I? I long to know if others are content But eyes follow me. Lack of trust haunts me. Fear of losing the life I’m barely living, confines me. I am a shell of a man. I have nothing to lose Except for hope. Eventually I’ll lose that too, Because Big Brother is watching you.


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