The Big Blue


Thick, salty waves,

practically pulsing

with microscopic life,

push against my legs.


The biting wind swirls

around me,

following the pattern

of the spray.


Or maybe

the spray

follows the pattern

of the wind.


It doesn’t matter which.


The droplets

dance in the sunlight,

gently kissing my face

and calling me

to go further.


To go out

as far as I can

and brave

the ocean’s might.


To dive deep


the swirling


and seek out

the most

intriguing life

there is to find.


But my body grows chilled.

I cannot remain

in the place

I love so dearly.


I retreat

to sun warmed


the kisses lingering,


to be one

with the big blue.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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