I may be small

But everything else about me sure isn't

I have a big heart and a big voice

Big ideas and aspirations

And one big appetite

Yep, the only thing small about me is my body

But was it the body or the mind that turned jungles into cities?

Was it the body or the heart that loved the "unloveable"?

Was it the body or the soul that created art?

I suppose it was the body that made the house you live in

The clothes on your back and the food you eat

Since we pay attention to the body so much

I guess the body will find a cure for cancer

And the body will inspire young minds in the classroom

I guess bodies fall in love and do great things

Things greater than the mind, right?

Because all the mind does is control the body

You can't see it

You can't see the brilliant thoughts and ideas

You can't see that today's dreams are tomorrow's reality

So it must not be true that the world

Is simply a platform on which our imagination pours out from within us

And becomes the reality that we live in

And if it is true

When will we stop treating people's minds as second-class citizens?

When will we stop acting like the body is everything?

When will we begin to act as big as we really are?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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