Hold up, before this kid even says a word,

Is a Latino even worth being heard?

I mean he's only here because the university,

Has a quota to fill for diversity,

There's no way he's intelligent,

High tops and a hoody, isn't it evident?

Look you're better off just trusting me,

After all, you'd be lost in this world without me,

So don't even dare to think different,

Just stay in your bubble and remain ignorant,

It truly is bliss.



But there's so much they'll miss!



Quiet kid, do you know who I am?

You can't break through, they don't give a damn.



Of course I know you, you're my biggest strife,

I'll be fighting you my entire life,

You're people's bias,

Working in silence,

Using media to penetrate the minds of the innocent,

Dooming all inflicted to a life of imprisonment.



Good luck convincing anyone of my presence,

Cause in this society that rewards independence,

You're problem is no one else's,

So this cause is just helpless.



I'm tired of you all underestimating me,

For an accent on my o and only what you see,

None of you know the ambition running through these veins,

My experiences and all the growing pains.



You really think all you need is a strong will?

When I'm everywhere from your schools straight up to the big hill.

This country wasn't made for you,

Who do you think put those cracks for you to fall through?



Just shut it! I may not have entirely figured out your scam,

But this is my time to let you all know who I really am.



I come from a family where schizophrenia causes strain,

Yet we stay strong and determined no matter the pain,

We went on to graduate college without our school's support,

Remained proud despite the discrimination and hopes we fell short,

No amount of hate will keep our hearts from being pure,

This family tradition, I will carry on that I can assure,


And so mi gente, when you question if I'm truly Latino or not,

Just cause my Spanish is broken and hips don't move a lot,

Remember we have that same ambition running through our veins,


And to all the rest,

Underneath how I look and dress,

I have the same needs and dreams as you,

We need to shift our world view,

Cause its only through interdependence we'll achieve our highest,

So I ask, how much longer will you fall victim to your bias?



Beautiful, thank you for writing this.

Brandon C

Well spoken and very emotional. Powerful message, thanks for sharing.


Wow, that is truly amazing. Keep up the good work. I'm glad that you won the scholarship.



This is nice. Love the topic and your execution of it. 


This is so inspiring and real! I just joined Power Poetry a few days ago, and of all the poems I've read so far, I felt compelled to comment on this! I was literally moved!! After just glancing at your poem, I saved it to read for last today because I was so interested by the topic, the style, and the voice. YOU. ARE. PHENOMINAL. Keep up the poetry (keep up the realness lol) and I wish you the best of luck with advancing in your life and career!

P.S. You deserved EVERY BIT of this scholarship :)

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