The midnight giggles

Stems through the day

Chuckling at the ones who agree

Chucking at the movements of fools


Stray jacket Armani wear weaved the trend

Implant the brain with government lens

The mass optical so hard to please

Fill my belly with government cheese


Bi Polar

Don’t let him close your eye

Bi Polar

I was only right

Bi Polar

Don’t let the sibling make you see

Bi Polar

Mirage of reality set me free


Second sight resolution flashing before me

Questions far abound I know your near

Grasping to only hope, the curses won’t see

She’ll be roaming the foregrounds I’ll still be here



Love tantrums it lays to waste

REM blinks of my haste



Bi Polar

Crucifix hype I’m claiming his name

Bi Polar

Don’t let them tell you other wise

Bi Polar

I’m not like you but I know it’s all the same

Bi Polar

Dispersing all is true just rearranging the lies

This poem is about: 


Seong Kim

I would like to be compesated for this work, Whatever the percentage is.

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