"Why can't we have a white history month?

"You guys have a month. Why Can't we?"

Let's talk about the contents of white history month. You want to celebrate 

Christopher Columbus? Ok. Rape, disease, enslavement should make it to your list.

You want to remember George Washington.

Don't forget the teeth that he wore at night came from the skull of my ancestors.

Don't forget the whips made of spinal cords of the very people you needed to get

your generational wealth.

You want to do a dance at the sound of Thomas Jeffersons' name?

I guess Monticello, 400 acres, $300 millio from the enslavement of my people was just a game.

You want to commemorate the white people of the civil rights movement,

forgetting the hundreds of black people who died before freedom could ring for them, 

before they could see their wildest dreams, their black children going to school, before

they could get their last word out before having life snatched away from them as soon

as he let go of that rope, hearing the word " NIGGER" yelled at them before the man 

above called them home. 

While you commemorate your white saviors, remember the black bodies they stepped on

to get on their pedestal.

You don't know? The million of black people that gave you the various materials you need to 

thrive, such as the light that gives you sight, such as the simple traffic stop that makes

it easier for cars to not pile up on each other, such as the blood plasma bag so your fluids

don't leak out, such as the elevator so when you feel lazy at the mall, the stairs aren't

too overwhelming for you, such as....... you got my point. So, Hell NO! You don't

get to have a white history month. You don't get to overlook my goddamn struggle for your

appeal, because without me, you wouldn't survive. Without my damn people you wouldn't

get to say Nigga so easily but it doesn't matter because its in the rap song right? 

This poem is about: 
My community


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