Beyond my hazel eyes


A twinkling shade of innocence
A meteor in a pitch-black night
A tranquil glance with adoration
A significant message to a blank mind

The blankness at a speck
A tradegy diffuses itself
The speck stretches to a hole
A hole emplodes to a vast nothingness

Emptiness prevents her hope
Her motivation is left misplaced
An attitude of desperation, defeat
A white painting with a black question mark

Two hazel flowers in a flustered mind
The God-given gift of redemption
Her mind has been awaken
As the two beauties shed kindred

A pair of hazel innocence
Double the resemblance of family
Brings her all sentiments, emotions
That have been untouched, unfelt, unheard of

A smile shimmered at last
Across her beautiful, unique face
Unites my great grandmother and I
Together through my hazel admirers


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