Between the Realms

Walking on the tightrope between two worlds,

Reality and fiction never seem to agree.

However for some it shapes a balance,

Our ability to understand the power both sides hold.

The realms of fiction I tend to favor most of the time.

Characters in universe fascinate me with their behavior:

Movements, interactions, it all intrigues me.

Mixing audios and videos, observing similarities,

With plot, a study for interest and fun.

Dimension of reality is not put out of place.

The vast sky above has received my attention,

Shades of red, purple and others stroke like paint.

Further upward, wonders are demonstrated by the stars,

Resting with the planets in the twilight territory.

Separate fields but merged by defining factors,

Tales of fantasy, adventure, and science leaves twists.

On aspects of my reality, an story of interest to tell,

Twists of fiction favorites serve interesting plots.

Many others enjoy the creation of stories in this manner.

I am Border-Walker, existing between the realms.


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