Between the Mouse and I. (A riddle for those with keen eyes.)

Oily sphere spin round my skull,

the swollen eye I call my own.

Watching through the mirror-gaze-

t'wards Orion hand and mortal grave.


See I to the Mouse, that ofen plagued my homely stoop,

and he unlikely stood and laugh, 

Such stubborn creature, Pride and aloof-

with silken flesh that easily slide in two.


And say he unto I,


Be I, the builder and creator,

the destruction-force of the 5 whole.

Fingers and Claws to call my own

this comfy Earth to make my hole.


Thus you must have summoned me,

Forth admiration hold-heavy must thee,

Such craftiness have I to step on the toes of you,

yet you flinch naught and naught pursue.


Rally I all beasts and nature,

Fellow creature and fellow maker,

yet power I bestow and thus rip back,

to cower round my iron-fast.


I doused my cigarette,and stood y'ond the three belt loop, as to remind the Mouse of my true size, and blessed be his life that I decide naught to step on his head. His existance is persitant and intriguing, much like that of the ant to a curious child. Or A mouse to Bastet. 



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Our world


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